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Ropes and Roping

The wire rope used with traction elevator consist of steel wires tha are twisted into strands are then twisted around a hemp of fober core whiich is impregnated with lubricant.
Traction rope are made special form of mild or hight carbon steel wire toughness, streeght, ductility and wear and fatigue resistance.

a 1:1 roping arrangement simply connects the car and counterweight together and offers no mechanical advantage. However 2:1 roping allows the same machine to lift twice the load at half the speed

Guide Rail

Guide rail is the important component in elevator system. Elevator Guide Rail ensures to meet your needs for a high qualified elevator guide rail. For most applications, middle, low and specially high speed, your passengers are sure to experience ultimate smooth riding on our products.
Rail Blade, Painting, Straightening and other requirements has been proved by long-term. Installation this part is need hight detail to get hight quality elevator ride performance.
guide rail is way elevator to ride.
So many type of guide rail.


Counterweight include the main system in elevator system, its the key of traction elevator performance. Counterweight consists of a frame, weights and guide shoes or roller guide. The weight can be add or reduce to get the best performance on riding quality. Car and counterweight must be balance, when the car and the counterweight are in midle position of hoistway then adding some weight (about 40-50 percent car capacity) to reach good ride when the car in the full load car capacity. This is verry important methode to get best performance in elevator ride quality.

Car Design

Car is the load carrying unit of the elevator, passenger elevator using passenger car and have sign to be use by human only without materials (huge materials). The freight elevator have sign to be use by human and materials.
The car design have a car platform and crosshead as backbone, this is the important parts in the car. The car streght is define by this component, then platform as the main floor car, the car wall as the wall.
Rubber pad is needed to put below the platform this is to reduce the vibration under the running operation. In high rise and mid rise elevator installation needed load sensor to measure the load in the car, this measurement is needed to determine the torque that must be applied to hoisting machine to give start movement in smooth run.

What is elevator

Here we will describe step by step (in the next post) main componen in elevator, such as :
1. car
2. counterweigt
3. guide rail
4. hoisting rope
5. machine (motor elevator)
6. controller
7. system monitoring
8. support system (governor, rescue device, power stabilizer, electrical panel, safety)
9. elevator shaft (in construction)
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