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The most importannt part in elevator is brake. Brake is a pair of shoes that apply equal and opposite pressure to a drum (motor elevator drum), puley or a disc mounted on the motor shaft. Elevator brake is made up of a compressive spring assembly, brake shoes with linings, and a solenoid assembly. When the solenoid is not energized, the spring forces the brake shoes to grip the brake drum and induce a braking torque. The magnet can exert a horizontal force for the break release.To stop and hod the car movements when the power is lost used spring clamp. Spring clamp will push back the shoe brake to making fail safe stops and holds the car when power is lost. In order to improve the stopping ability, a material with a high coefficient of friction is used within the breaks, such as zinc bonded asbestos. A material with too high a coefficient of friction can result in a jerky motion of the car. This material must be chosen carefully.

Roller Guide

Roller, one of elevator part, located on the car lift even in counterweight, four set roller each car elevator and four on counterweight. Each roller guide comprises three rubber tired roller wheels mounted on the stand, two side for front and one for side to side. front roller to front-rear aligment and side roller to side-side aligment.
The roller guide are classified by the diameter of ts wheels, roller have vary diameter.The rolling action of the roller reduces friction and noise and eliminates the guide rails lubrication.
The larger diameter of rollers are the smoother the ride, the selection of roller determined by the speed and duty load of the car.


An elevator system completed by controller position in the machine room, this controller performs some functions are operational control and motion control.
Operational controller stores the location of calls, reset answered calls, and initiates door operation to open and closes. This function allow to communicates with
passenger even in emergency condition or other condition by signaling that the calls has been received (registered), providing car position information and providing audible and visual indication of elevator direction or when the car travel arrive at the landing position.
This controller powered by three phase alternating current providing by building owner, and providing maiin line disconnect switch located in the near of controller


Traction elevator are driven by either geared or gearless machine. Geared machine is usually used in medium rise buildings, geared machine comprises a high speed electric motor that drives the hoisting sheave troughh a gear unit.
Gearless machine is used in high rise buildings and provides maximum elevator speed, in which the drive sheave is an integral part of the motor armature.
The rotation output of the motor is transmitted to the elevator by a set of hoist ropes guidded around a grooved pulley or sheave, the car being at one end of the ropes and the counterweight at the other end.
Geared Machines
One of the first advancements inelevator technology was the introduction of worm gears in hoisting maachines. They provide high gear reduction ratios, making it posibble to use smaller, more compact machines to do the job earlier designs. The gear reduction unit sonsist of a horizontal steel worm that drives a bronze gear.
Gearless Machines
This machine design place the drive sheave directly on the motor shaft, this machine is used in high rise building construction that need high speed elevator to run

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