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Elevator Accesories

Elevator have some parts that look like not to important but it must be installed, because without this parts elevator can be scarried things. When the passenger trapped this device will verry usefull for passenger for their safety, or when the electrical power elevator gonna blackout this device will do save the passenger from trapped on the elevator.

Intercom must be installed on the elevator cage to the security room or another place where elevator passenger can communicate when the passenger get a problem with elevator.

There are some type intercom for elevator, you can installed which suitable for your elevator. High rise elevator need complex intercom, because the risk for high rise elevator. Many units elevator in a building need complex elevator too, because each elevator need to communicate when it have problem.
Then the another accesories is ARD, automatic rescue device. This part will usefull when the power line elevator gonna blackout the elevator will stop suddenly because no power perform elevator. ARD will automatically rescue the elevator in the elevator cage with run in the elevator up or down to the nearer floor lever.
Every elevator need different type ARD, depend on the elevator type. Some building its need the lift go down to the lobby level every time the line power gonna blackout, because its private level.


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